The teams which topped Christchurch’s data metrics, including top speeds, best starts and highest fly time, have been revealed.

Data provided by the 10-strong F50 fleet shows that Quentin Delapierre’s France picked up the highest average speed across the three fleet races - 57.9 km/h, while Taylor Canfield’s United States picked up the lowest- 49.7 km/h.

Season 3 // Fleet underway in Christchurch racing

Event winners New Zealand meanwhile clocked the best top speed of the weekend - 85.7 km/h and was one of only two boats that recorded a perfect 100% fly time, alongside France.

The United States meanwhile also came bottom of the fleet for this metric, recording an average fly time of 85%.

When it came to the race starts, Canada dominated. Phil Robertson’s crew was the quickest to cross the start line - just 0.6 seconds after the gun, and was also positioned the closest to the start - an average of 10.3m.

New Zealand Sail Grand Prix | Christchurch | Season 4 | Fleet | Racing

By comparison, ROCKWOOL DEN took the longest to cross the start line after the gun - an average of 5.7 seconds and was also positioned the furthest from the line - an average of 84.9m. This is easily explained by the fact the Danish F50 incurred significant damage in a pre-start collision in the first fleet race. Despite the damage, the Danish team limped through the two remaining fleet races to ensure they received two season points for the event.

France came top of the fleet for the highest starting speed - an average of 68.1km/h, compared the Germany with the lowest of 52km/h.

As a result of its excellent starting, Canada had the highest Mark 1 position - an average of 2.3 - compared to ROCKWOOL DEN and the United States which shared the lowest - 7.3.

New Zealand Sail Grand Prix | Christchurch | Season 4 | Fleet | Racing

Although Canada finished the day with a consistent 5-1-3 race record, the team lost positions on its Mark 1 average, chalking up an average finish of 3. Meanwhile New Zealand improved its Mark 1 average of 5.7, passing teams to have an average finishing position of 2.3.

New Zealand also topped the fleet for the highest ride height - an average of 1047.7mm, while the United States had the lowest - an average of 774mm.

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