SailGP’s commentators and CEO Russell Coutts have revealed their hand-picked selections for their Season 4 Dream Teams as voting in SailGP’s first ever awards comes to a close.

Fans have been tasked to choose their fantasy team line-ups from this season’s selection of athletes - across all 10 teams. So commentators Stevie Morrison, Todd Harris and Emily Nagel, and SailGP CEO Russell Coutts, joined in, listing their line-ups below.

Season 4 // Russell Coutts watches New York racing

Russell Coutts

Driver: Peter Burling (NZL)
Strategist: Hannah Mills (GBR)
Wing Trimmer: Iain Jensen (GBR)
Flight Controller: Jason Waterhouse (AUS)
Grinder: Louis Sinclair (NZL)
Grinder: Joan Cardona (ESP)

Season 4 // Stevie Morrison points to screen while commentating Bermuda

Stevie Morrison

Driver: Peter Burling (NZL)
Strategist: Liv Mackay (NZL)
Wing Trimmer: Iain Jensen (GBR)
Flight Controller: Andy Maloney (NZL)
Grinder: Julius Hallstrom (DEN)
Grinder: Nick Hutton (GBR)

Season 4 // Peter Burling with Liv Mackay at press conference

Speaking about his line-up, Morrison said: “New Zealand’s Peter Burling is on form at the moment - he’s the best driver in the fleet. I think the strategist needs to fit the driver and I think New Zealand’s Liv Mackay is the best strategist at driving out of the maneuvers and is a great communicator - she and Pete seem to get on well. Iain Jensen from the British team is a great wing trimmer, but I could also have gone with Australia’s Kyle Langford or New Zealand’s Blair Tuke. Again for the flight controller you could go with Andy Maloney, Emirates GBR’s Luke Parkinson or Australia’s Jason Waterhouse, but Andy works well with Pete and you need continuity.

Season 4 // ROCKWOOL DEN grinder Julius Hallstrom carries the jib

"And for the grinders, I was a lot of horsepower and grinders who will bring a lot to the team dynamic and for that reason I’d go with Julius Hallstrom from ROCKWOOL DEN who is an absolute powerhouse, and Emirates GBR’s Nick Hutton, who would bring a wealth of experience.”

Season 4 // Emily Nagel, Todd Harris and Stevie Morrison commentating Bermuda

Todd Harris

Driver: Nathan Outteridge (SUI)
Strategist: Hannah Mills (GBR)
Wing Trimmer: Kyle Langford (AUS)
Flight Controller: Jason Waterhouse (AUS)
Grinder: Matt Gotrel (GBR)
Grinder: Cooper Dressler (CAN)

Season 4 // Nathan Outteridge at Christchurch press conference

Speaking about his line-up, Harris said: “For the driver, I’d play the experience card, Switzerland’s Nathan Outteridge is a crafty veteran, he’s won in so many venues and coached so many teams. When teams need to sub in a driver - who do they call? Nathan. Combining him with Emirates GBR’s Hannah Mills would result in a couple of super calm assassins.

Season 2// Australian SailGP Team// Jason Waterhouse

"For flight controller I’d go with Australia’s Jason Waterhouse - he’s at the top of his game and he makes a great team with Australia’s Kyle Langford. And for the grinders, I really like the combination of Emirates GBR’s Matt Gotrel and Canada’s Cooper Dressler.”

Season 4 // SailGP commentator Emily Nagel

Emily Nagel

Driver: Liv Mackay (NZL)
Strategist: Katja Salskov-Iversen (DEN)
Wing Trimmer: Stuart Bithell (GER)
Flight Controller: Luke Parkinson (GBR)
Grinder: Bernardo Freitas (ESP)
Grinder: Richard Mason (DEN)

Season 4 // Spanish grinder Bernardo Freitas

Speaking about her line-up, Nagel said: “Spain’s Bernardo Freitas and ROCKWOOL DEN’s Richard Mason would bring a wealth of knowledge up front. Bernardo is a powerhouse and Rich is so switched on when it comes to wing trim. For wing trimmer, I’d choose Germany’s Stuart Bithell - he just brings out the best in everyone.

Season 4 // Stuart Bithell on board the german F50

"For flight controller I’d go for Emirates GBR’s Luke Parkinson - he helped design the system and the British are one of the most stable teams out there. For driver, I’m going with New Zealand’s Liv Mackay - I know she hasn’t driven before but I want to see what she can do behind the wheel.

Season 4 // Liv Mackay in Abu Dhabi Mixed Zone

"She’s going to drive for the women’s America’s Cup team and I think it’s a shame she’s not driven so far. I’d choose ROCKWOOL DEN’s Katja Salskov-Iversen, she’s an incredible strategist, an absolute weapon, and I think her and Liv would work well together.”

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