From Australia’s comeback to aggressive tactics from ROCKWOOL DEN, we pick out five things to watch out for when racing resumes in Bermuda.

Will Australia’s comeback continue?

Australia had a picture perfect first day, with the team picking up two race wins and a third place to finish the day at the top of the leaderboard. The performance marked an extraordinary comeback for the team, which received the harshest penalty in SailGP history for hitting a race mark in Christchurch. Will the team’s commanding performance continue when day two begins?

Aggressive racing from ROCKWOOL DEN

The first day of Bermuda also saw a change in the racing tactics of ROCKWOOL DEN driver Nicolai Sehested. Widely considered a consistent and conservative driver, Sehested aggressively pushed Australia off the racecourse on the approach to the finish line of the third fleet race. Could these new aggressive racing tactics propel the Danish team to their first ever SailGP win in Bermuda?

Can New Zealand make the Final?

Fresh from a triumphant home victory in Christchurch, New Zealand had a lukewarm first day in Bermuda. Solid 3-4-4 results saw the team finish the day in fourth overall, tied on points with ROCKWOOL DEN - but only one point away Canada in second. The Kiwis will have to nail the final two fleet races to proceed into the winner-takes-all Final. Can they do it?

Will France rebound?

Season 4 // France underway on first day of Bermuda

Day one was one to forget for the French, who finished with 4-9-8 race results, leaving them in 8th overall heading into day two. The Final may be out of reach, but can the French pick up good enough results in the last two fleet races to salvage the event?

Could Canada pick up its second event win?

Season 4 // Australia and Canada go head to head on first day of racing in Bermuda

A strong first day from Canada - with 2-2-6 results - leaves them second overall and just five points from the top of the leaderboard. Phil Robertson’s team podiumed on SailGP’s last visit to Bermuda in Season 3 - can they do it again or even pick up their second ever event win?

Racing continues at 14:00 ADT.