Germany is starting New York on the back foot after picking up penalty points for hitting Australia in practice racing.

The incident unfolded in the second fleet race just after the second gate. Australia moved aside to give Germany room, but at the last minute the Germans seemed to lose control and clipped the back of the Australian F50. Soon after, the Aussies were seen checking their boat for damage.

Germany was found at fault for the incident and docked four event points, meaning they will start tomorrow’s racing with -4 points.

Season 4 // Germany with Statue of Liberty in New York practice racing

Australia excelled in practice racing, coming top after three fleet races followed by Peter Burling’s New Zealand and Nathan Outteridge’s Switzerland. The Aussies took first place in both the first and third races, while Switzerland picked up the win in race two.

Home team United States picked up a fourth place finish in the first fleet race but experienced technical difficulties in the second fleet race and was unable to race in the third.

Official racing gets underway at 4.30pm ET on June 22/23.

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