Outright speed, pace and expert control over the Emirates GBR F50 in Halifax saw Giles Scott triumph over ROCKWOOL DEN and France, sealing his first event win as driver of the British team.

Data provided by Oracle Insights shows that Emirates GBR took the advantage early on. The British F50 was positioned 10.6m behind the line at the gun and took just one second to cross it, with a starting speed of 34.6 km/h.

This allowed the team to secure the inside line at the start and blast around Mark 1 in first position, picking up an eye-watering top speed of 93.4 km/h on the bearaway.

Emirates GBR went on to master the challenging conditions of high winds and torrential rain to minimize maneuvers - performing a total of 7 throughout the Final, compared to ROCKWOOL DEN’s 8 and France’s 9.

The team also had the highest fly time percentage, clocking a 99% average compared to France’s 95% and ROCKWOOL DEN’s 98%.

Despite this, it was France which sailed the shortest distance - a total of 9,603m, while Emirates GBR and ROCKWOOL DEN covered 9,689m and 9,700m respectively.

Season 4 // ROCKWOOL DEN, France and Emirates GBR go head to head in Halifax Final

But it was Emirates GBR which topped the metric for the highest average speed throughout the Final - 64 km/h compared to ROCKWOOL DEN’s 62.1 km/h and France’s 61.5 km/h.

The victory allowed Emirates GBR to cling onto an outside chance of making the three-boat Grand Final showdown in San Francisco. The team currently sits in 6th place on the overall Season 4 leaderboard - level on 58 points with Canada in 7th.

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