Australia sailed the shortest distance and expertly stole the overlap from ROCKWOOL DEN at a crucial mark rounding to seize the ultimate victory in Sydney.

Aggressive start line tactics by Australia and mistakes by New Zealand handed the starting advantage to ROCKWOOL DEN, with both the Kiwis and Aussies picking up early start OCS penalties.

Data provided by Oracle Insights shows that both Australia and New Zealand were already over the line by 4.2m and 4.3m respectively at the start gun, while the Danish were perfectly positioned 2.1m from the line, crossing it 1.1 seconds after the gun.

Despite being first to Mark 1, followed by Australia and New Zealand, ROCKWOOL DEN picked up near identical racing data to its competitors as the race progressed. All three performed 11 maneuvers throughout the race and all had near identical fight time percentages of 95% (New Zealand), 96% (Australia) and 97% (ROCKWOOL DEN).

The average speed of all three boats was also separate by a whisker, with New Zealand topping the metric with 50.9 km/h, followed by ROCKWOOL DEN’s 50.5 km/h and Australia’s 50.3 km/h.

However, Australia narrowly sailed the shortest distance of the three teams - a total of 8.9 km, compared to ROCKWOOL DEN’s 9 km and New Zealand’s 9.2 km.

The pivotal moment of the race is not reflected in the data however - Australia took the lead by seizing the inside track around Mark 3 - an expertly judged move by driver Tom Slingsby which stole the lead from the Danish.

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