ROCKWOOL DEN is ‘definitely not doing a good enough job’ in three-boat Finals and will be tweaking its strategy going forward, driver Nicolai Sehested has said.

Speaking at a pre-event press conference in New York, Sehested acknowledged the Danish team’s poor performances in three-boat showdowns.

Season 4 // Nicolai Sehested at New York press conference

So far this season, the Danes have qualified for four different event Finals - Los Angeles, Cadiz, Sydney and Halifax - but failed to win any.

Reflecting on the results, Sehested said the team ‘needs a different strategy’ to conquer the three-boat format and suggested the team ‘is trying too hard’ to win.

Season 4 // ROCKWOOL DEN crew take a break from New York training

“I think when you’ve been in as many Finals as we have without winning one, you’re definitely doing something wrong, so we will change how we’re approaching the Finals and try to do it a bit differently.”

ROCKWOOL DEN sits in 6th place heading into New York - just one point behind France in 5th and seven points behind Australia in third. This means the Danish needs good performances in both New York and San Francisco’s fleet racing to be in with a chance of making next month’s $2 million, season defining Grand Final.

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Season 4 Grand Final