The conclusion of SailGP’s record 13-event Season 4 us on the horizon, with the Championship showdown taking place on July 13/14. The countdown is now on - with teams posting their full crew line-ups for the event.

Tried and tested configurations with well-worn dynamics are a key feature, with teams looking send their most reliable squads to battle.

Here’s the full list of who will be racing in San Francisco.


Season 4 // Australia F50 with Statue of Liberty in New York

Driver: Tom Slingsby
Wing Trimmer: Kyle Langford
Flight Controller: Jason Waterhouse
Grinder: Kinley Fowler
Grinder: Sam Newton
Reserve: Ed Powys
Strategist: Tash Bryant
Coach: Ben Durham


Season 4 // Canada underway on first day of racing in New York

Driver: Phil Robertson
Wing Trimmer: Paul Campbell-James
Flight Controller: Billy Gooderham
Grinder: Tom Ramshaw
Grinder: Jareese Finch
Reserve Grinder: Cooper Dressler
Strategist: Annie Haegar
Coach: Philippe Presti



Driver: Nicolai Sehested
Wing Trimmer: Tom Johnson
Flight Controller: Rasmus Køstner
Grinder: Julius Hallström
Grinder: Hans-Christian Rosendahl
Grinder: Luke Payne
Reserve Sailor: Richard Mason
Strategist: Katja Salskov-Iversen
Coach: Chris Nicholsen


France Day 2 NY

Driver: Quentin Delapierre
Wing Trimmer: Kevin Peponnet
Flight Controller: Jason Saunders
Grinder: Matthieu Vandame
Grinder: Timothe Lapauw
Grinder: Olivier Herledant
Strategist: Manon Audinet
Coach: Thierry Douillard



Driver: Erik Heil
Wing Trimmer: Stuart Bithell
Flight Controller: James Wierzbowski
Grinder: Dan Morris
Grinder: Jonathan Knottnerus-Meyer
Grinder: Felix van der Hovel
Strategist: Sophie Steinlein
Coach: Lennart Breisenick

Emirates GBR


Driver: Giles Scott
Wing Trimmer: Iain Jensen
Flight Controller: Luke Parkinson
Grinder: Nick Hutton
Grinder: Neil Hunter
Strategist: Hannah Mills
Reserve Strategist: Hannah Diamond
Coach: Rob Wilson

New Zealand

Season 4 // New Zealand in Bermuda Final

Driver: Peter Burling
Wing Trimmer: Blair Tuke
Flight Controller: Andy Maloney
Grinder: Marcus Hansen
Grinder: Finn Henry
Reserve Sailor: Josh Junior
Strategist: Liv Mackay
Coach: Ray Davies


Bermuda Sail Grand Prix | Season 4 | Spain | Racing

Driver: Diego Botin
Wing Trimmer: Florian Trittel
Flight Controller: Joel Rodriguez
Grinder/ Tactician: Joan Cardona
Grinder: Stewart Dodson
Grinder: Bernardo Freitas
Strategist: Nicole van der Velden
Coach: Simone Salva


Season 4 // Switzerland with Lady Liberty underway in New York

Driver: Nathan Outteridge
Wing Trimmer: Will Ryan
Flight Controller: Francois Morvan
Grinder: Jérémy Bachelin
Grinder: Julien Rolaz
Grinder: Elliot Merceron
Strategist: Laurane Mettraux
Coach: Emmett Lazich

United States


Driver: Taylor Canfield
Wing Trimmer: Jeremy Wilmot
Flight Controller: Mac Agnese
Jib Trimmer/Grinder 2: Anna Weis
Grinder: Peter Kinney
Grinder: Alex Sinclair
Strategist: Mike Buckley
Coach: Evan Aras

Starts November

Season 4 Grand Final