Switzerland driver Sebastien Schneiter has responded to criticism from Australia driver Tom Slingsby, insisting ‘we’re not complacent’.

Appearing at a pre-event press conference, Schneiter said watching the latest episode of Racing on the Edge - in which Slingsby criticized the new generation of SailGP drivers - was ‘painful’.

Speaking in the episode, Slingsby says: “I sit there are those press conferences just frustrated - you hear Sebastien saying (…) he’s happy with a seventh. I’m fuming if we come third. I’m breaking things and it’s just a different mindset. I sit there being like how are you happy, mate? I know you’re new but who cares? “

Responding to the comments, Schneiter said: “For sure we don’t want to be in that position - we want to be able to challenge Tom and all the top guys much more than we are right now.”

Season 4 // Sebastien Schneiter at Sydney press conference

He added that he was ‘surprised’ by Slingsby’s comments.

“We have different personalities on the water. Some are more expressive, some need to break things. I’ve got a more of a humbler, Swiss personality.”

He admitted that ‘maybe it’s hard to read my emotions’ but insisted ‘we’re really hungry - it’s extra motivation for this weekend and we can thank Tom for that.”

The KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix | Sydney takes place on February 24-25, with racing from 16:00 AEDT.