Taylor Canfield has said the U.S. team has to ‘remember to respect the process’ after the team finished 9th at last month’s event in Sydney.

Sydney marked just the third event for Canfield’s revamped crew since the sale of the team and came after two impressive - but light wind - events for the United States in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The 8th event of Season 4 in Australia marked the first fully foiling event for the team and proved more challenging than the events in the Middle East. The U.S. finished with a 6-9-9-10-2 race record and in 9th overall.

However, Canfield remained upbeat after racing. “We made a lot of gains on board and I think that’s noticeable just from our communication and maneuvers.”


He added that the team ‘will have bad races occasionally’ but ‘the way we bounce back is what’s going to keep driving us forward’.

The goal of the team, he said, is to ‘win the Championship three seasons out’, but in the meantime it had to focus on small on water improvements.


“We have to respect the process and the growing and the pains of switching crew,” he said. “I think if we can keep progressing as we have over the last 6 days total as we have as a group, we’re going to see some promising things here.”

The F50 fleet will next meet for the ITM New Zealand Sail Grand Prix | Christchurch on March 23-24.