The crew configuration of the United States crew line-up has been put under the microscope in the latest episode of Racing on the Edge.

The behind-the-scenes docuseries produced in partnership in Rolex explores the reemergence of former Japan driver Nathan Outteridge to temporary driver positions in Season 4, as well as the revived rivalry between Outteridge and Australia driver Tom Slingsby in Sydney.

But elsewhere, the episode shines a spotlight on the revamped Untied States team, which experienced fully foiling and big breeze conditions for the first time in Sydney after debuting as a new team in the flat waters and light airs of Dubai.

Forecast storms lead to the cancellation of practice race day in Sydney, resulting in just two teams going out on the water; the USA and Germany.

During this practice, the team trialled CEO Mike Buckley in the strategist position and moving Anna Weiss into the G2 grinding position at the front of the boat. But Weiss struggled in the heavier wind conditions, driver Taylor Canfield said.

Season 4 // Taylor Canfield crosses USA F50 as Mike Buckley steers

“I think it was pretty decisive from the whole team that we were lacking power when we had Anna at the front of the boat,” he said. “It’s hard to come to that realization and say to Mike, who’s an incredible team member, friend and strong strategist in that role, that we’re not going to have him on the boat.”

He added that Buckley was ‘frustrated’ by the decision made by team coach Mark Ivey.


Elsewhere, the episode highlights USA wing trimmer Victor Diaz de Leon, who ruptured an ear drum during a pre-racing stunt. Diaz de Leon, who joined the new look team ahead of Dubai, is described as ‘the best sailor in the world’ by team boss Buckley, as well as ‘the Venezuelan Tom Brady’.

“He provides a lot of other things off the water. He’s a great teammate, he’s got a huge heart and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s not afraid to get after you but he’s not afraid to cry with you too,” Buckley says.

Season 4 // USA coach Mark Ivey at Sydney press conference

Diaz de Leon meanwhile reflects on the team’s light-hearted attitude, claiming it is key to its on-water success.

“It’s good to keep it light but it’s also really important to turn it on when it counts and when we’re out there, we are focused 100% and working as hard as we can. To make sure that we can operate at that intensity we keep it light at some other times,” he says.

Season 4 // USA wing trimmer Victor Diaz de Leon crew shot

Racing on the Edge features behind-the scenes-insight and up-close interviews with the Championship’s biggest personalities, including New Zealand’s Peter Burling, Australia’s Tom Slingsby and Canada’s Phil Robertson. Every episode of Racing on the Edge is available on SailGP's YouTube channel.