Ahead of returning to Bermuda next weekend, we round up the best racing moments from our previous visits from the idyllic island, including collisions, capsizes and phenomenal racing.

The United States and Japan dramatically collide

Dramatic scenes unfolded on day two of Season 2’s visit to Bermuda, when Japan and the United States suddenly collided. The damage was severe, with both teams unable to compete for the rest of the day.

But the United States’ troubles didn’t end there - shortly afterwards Jimmy Spithill’s crew capsized on the Great Sound.

Close call between France and the United States

Breezy conditions and fierce racing graced the opening day of Season 2’s visit to Bermuda. On the fourth leg of the first fleet race a close moment unfolded between France and the United States, with both boats narrowly avoiding a collision.

Spain picks up first ever Black Flag

The drama didn’t end there, with Spain picked up SailGP’s first ever Black Flag - and immediate disqualification - on the start line of the fifth fleet race. The Spanish - then driven by Phil Robertson - barged in at the bottom of the line, almost colliding with France.

Emirates GBR's triumphant win

Despite Australia winning four of the five fleet races, it was Ben Ainslie's Emirates GBR which secured the ultimate victory on the Great Sound, triumphing over Australia and France in the three boat Final.

Close call between Emirates GBR and United States

Season 3’s return to Bermuda did not disappoint, with plenty of action from the first race. A slow maneuver by the British around the mark on the final leg of Fleet Race 2 resulted in the Americans almost colliding into the back of them, allowing New Zealand to sweep in front and take third place.

Canada avoids contact as Emirates GBR parts the fleet

Teams were fighting hard for every point in the final fleet race and Emirates GBR was no different. Here they take a chance, carving their way through the fleet to split at the mark and get ahead.

France gets Black Flagged

It was disaster for France on Season 3’s visit to Bermuda, with the team picking up the second Black Flag in SailGP history for barging in and almost hitting the British. The incident occurred on the start line of the fourth fleet race and earned the French instant disqualification.