Australia strategist Tash Bryant has unpicked the team’s first long-awaited Season 4 victory in Sydney, which saw the Aussies triumph over the Danish and Kiwis on home waters.

Speaking on the latest episode of Reaching the Apex, Bryant reflected on the error-strewn start, which saw both Australia and New Zealand pick up OCS penalties for crossing the line early.

“It’s not often in a Final that if you have a bad start you can still win the race,” she said, adding that the team ‘didn’t back down’ and ‘made sure we left it all on the table’.

The Aussies continued to pursue the Danish, while the Kiwis slipped behind. The opportunity to overtake came at Gate 3, with the Aussies narrowly gaining the inside track, spinning inside and overtaking the Danish to lead on leg 4.

Season 4 // Tash Bryant in Sydney Mixed Zone

Looking back, Bryant said that was Australia’s ‘one opportunity’. “We extended really well from there, but at the next top mark it was really tight again - so I think everyone did well to really lock in and focus on what we needed to do to get around the course.”

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