Continuing our World Earth Day series, today we introduce Frederik Ottesen, Founder of Little Sun, another of our remarkable judges for the Impact League’s third focus-area, Climate Action: Innovating for a Low Carbon Future.

Engineer Frederik Ottesen founded Little Sun in 2012 in collaboration with artist, Olafur Eliasson, with the ambition to provide universal access to clean energy. Little Sun started as a simple idea to create a small, portable, solar lamp for people living without electricity in Ethiopia. Starting as a social enterprise, their programs in Africa are just the beginning of their philanthropic work, striving to drive communities powered by solar energy, reduce climate injustice and transition to a world powered entirely by renewable energy.

Frederik Ottesen

Frederik discusses his motivations for inciting change, and re-considering how we frame environmental advocacy:

“I care deeply about the earth…the earth is our home, and the only home we have. It’s not just our home, but also the home of our children, and their children. Driving me forward is the desire to create a better world for all of us. We have a responsibility to consider our common future; not just looking four years ahead - like many politicians or business leaders - but 60 years ahead and keeping in mind that the future belongs to all of us.

I am not passionate about environmental advocacy at all, I am passionate about real change; passionate about finding good solutions to some of the many challenges we face. I have worked across Africa for the past 12 years and observed changes, both good and bad. I am convinced that with appropriate technology and implementation, we can all win.

There are so many incredible people and organisations out there, and at Little Sun we are open for collaboration to achieve these shared goals. Working with leaders in the field - like SailGP, with your leading edge on wind and composites - is how we envisage success in collaborative ways of working - using the power of our collective voice to move the world towards clean energy.

To my younger self, I’d reflect on this desire to think more longer term. Invest more in the future. And keep up the adventurous spirit…!”