Next in our World Earth Day series, we shine a spotlight on Jacobo Calderon, Director of Responsible Investing at Mubadala Investment Company who has joined as one of our remarkable judges for the Impact League’s third focus-area, Climate Action: Innovating for a Low Carbon Future.

Jacobo has more than 20 years of professional experience on a very global scale, including four continents. The Mubadala Responsible Investing team focuses on establishing the framework to govern Mubadala's approach to Responsible Investing and ESG, which includes providing guidance on integrating ESG factors into investment decisions and activities across the investment lifecycle. Jacobo has been with Mubadala for almost 12 years, most of them in Governance related functions, supporting and providing guidance to Executives and Leadership teams across Mubadala's portfolio.

At the start of Season 4, Mubadala became the official Global Series Partner of SailGP’s dedicated community, education and outreach initiative, Inspire. At the inaugural Mubadala Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix presented by Abu Dhabi Sports Council in January, the largest program to date was activated – engaging 1,549 youth in it’s three pillars of Learning, Racing and Careers.

Jacobo Calderon IL judge

Jacobo discusses why collaboration plays a major role in driving climate action, and why integrating ESG factors into investment decisions and activities is so important, as well as a few wise words for his younger self:

“We should all care about the earth because without a sustainable planet, humanity will not be able to live. The earth is very resilient but it’s not invincible, and we are putting it under more and more stress. I am inspired by the work we do at Mubadala towards delivering on our net zero commitment, and the people I work with. Our values are to always try to bring benefit to the communities in which we invest.

Great things are possible when businesses, governments and leaders take action – I believe achieving net zero is possible. Collaborating is key to driving positive impact and it can only be solved through increased awareness and education of the world population.

In an ideal world, I would like to collaborate with anyone that has a few million followers on social media such as Taylor Swift, Cristiano Rolando, Mesi, Bill Gates – to make a bigger impact. Celebrities and influencers such as these have broader reach, engagement and power than many governments, news stations or universities.

The world is in a race to cap global warming. Developing nations will be the most affected by the consequences. We can’t give up on any communities because that means giving up on us. Everyone should be thinking about how they can drive their local communities, governments and big businesses to address climate change. Climate change is a problem that needs to be met at every level, with government and business involvement, but also with every individual choice and action.

A bit of advice for my younger self… nothing is free and every action has consequences. The beauty and wonder of the earth we live in is of unfathomable value. It’s critical that we give back and don’t take it for granted.”