Collaboration sets the course for global championship, kicking off in Hamilton, Bermuda

AccuWeather Global Weather Center, April 22, 2021 — AccuWeather, the most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings, today announced its official partnership with the global sail racing league, SailGP. As a partner, AccuWeather becomes the official weather provider of SailGP, supplying event management and the world-class race teams that feature the sport’s best athletes with vital weather insights and forecasts with its proven Superior Accuracy™.

In its second season, SailGP will be kicking off in Hamilton, Bermuda, April 24th and 25th, for the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix Presented by Hamilton Princess before the eight national teams head to the city of Taranto in southern Italy in early June. From there, the championship will host a global slate of events in Great Britain, Denmark, France, Spain, and New Zealand, before a Grand Final in San Francisco in 2022, where $1 million in prize money is to be awarded.

AccuWeather will play a critical role in participating teams’ success by delivering forecast data prior to each day’s opening starter gun. In addition to issuing specialized insights to teams and SailGP race management, AccuWeather forecasts will be integrated into the broadcast for fans and viewers tuning in to CBS Sports Network, CBS National Network and streaming on Facebook, YouTube or the award winning SailGP app.

A full broadcast schedule can be found here. The 24/7 AccuWeather Network, found on Verizon Fios, DIRECTV, Spectrum TV and Frontier cable as well as on Philo and FuboTV streaming services, will also be following the global championship, delivering interviews with the athlete’s and reporting on notable updates throughout the series.

“We are thrilled to be the official weather provider for SailGP, in its second season, within this exciting championship featuring eight events around the globe,” said AccuWeather Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Harmon-Madsen. “Weather has an intrinsic connection to the sport of sailing, where anything from wind speed to storm warnings can make all the difference on open water when making important decisions surrounding safety and preparation.”

SailGP Tech Team Operations Manager Brad Marsh said: “As a sport powered by nature, accurate forecasting is instrumental to the success of our global league. The information we receive from AccuWeather informs us of the best technical set up for the cutting-edge race boats for the days racing. For Season 2, this includes which wingsail to use – the 18m or 24m options – and whether we choose the light or heavy air hydrofoils. If we get these decisions wrong it can impact not only the speed of the boats and their ability to hydrofoil but also the safety of the boats for the athletes that pilot them – so it is critical we get accurate and timely information to feed these important decisions.”

The addition of AccuWeather forecasting to SailGP will add to greater safety and preparation, helping the athletes, technical team and race management make the best weather-related decisions possible.