SailGP Inspire - SailGP's community engagement program that breaks boundaries in sailing and races for a better future - today announces the candidates taking part in the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix Careers program in Plymouth.

16 students who attend either the University of Plymouth or City College Plymouth have been selected for the Careers program, in which they are presented with incredible work experience opportunities in the build-up to and during a SailGP event.

Various departments of SailGP are involved in the Inspire Careers program, with the students assigned to roles in either Hospitality, Media Operations, Content Creation, Sustainability or in the Tech Area.

Connie Stevens, who will work on Ropes and Rigging as part of the Technical Team, told SailGP: "I'm excited and happy to be part of such a cutting-edge event.

"My expectations are to be able to see and learn about the workings of the rigging team, and be able to meet the people behind it.”

The program, which is being held in full compliance with COVID-19 regulations, takes place in the week building up to the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix on 17-18 July, in Plymouth.

The students begin their tutelage with SailGP today, Monday 12th, and are welcome to watch the thrilling racing on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th as part of a sell-out crowd coming to Britain's Ocean City.

"I feel enthusiastic and determined to take part in this event," said Ridhwan Mohamed, who will gain experience in SailGP's Adrenaline Lounge as part of the Hospitality Team.

"It’s my first time, and I’m looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying the experience. I expect to pick up skills in my department - Health and Safety - which will help me in the future wherever applicable."

Student Tyler Price is joining the Content Creation team for the Inspire Careers program in Plymouth

Peter Russell, presented with the envious task of Boat Building in Plymouth, added: "I'm very excited. I am expecting to learn more about practical boat building and turn my amateur skills into rounded professional knowledge (or the beginning of it at least!)."

As well as the Careers program, SailGP Inspire is also running Learning and Racing programmes in Plymouth.

Those involved in the Learning program will take part in STEM-driven lessons based on water, wind, sun and earth, and also on-water sailing sessions, while the Racing program sees a number of students from local areas take to the water in either RS Fevas or WASZPs.

Great Britain Sail Grand Prix | Plymouth Inspire Careers candidates:

  • Shana Clarke // Best Practice Event Recyling, Waste Management
  • Alastair Hammond // Driving Up Reuse At Events, Reusable Behavior
  • Connie Stevens // Technical (Ropes and Rigging)
  • Max Clayton Griggs // Technical (Wing Department)
  • Peter Russell // Technical (Boat Building)
  • Kristian Hookham // Technical (Hydraulics)
  • Sia Wang Ying // Data Analyst
  • Morgan Hemming // Technical (Race Management)
  • Ridhwan Mohamed // Hospitality
  • Ruby Ashton Reeves // Hospitality
  • Sarah Horton // Hospitality
  • Mui Tsz Yau // Hospitality
  • Tyler Price // Content Creation
  • Matt Hornibrook // Content Creation
  • Lauren Hall // Media Operations
  • James Smith // Photography

Learning more about SailGP Inspire, HERE