China SailGP Team is refusing to let a disappointing performance on San Francisco Bay shake its confidence.

17 JUNE 2019News
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China SailGP Team helmsman Phil Robertson.

After a brutal crash in San Francisco, the China SailGP Team is ready to get back on the horse in New York City. While some teams would be nursing their wounds and taking their time getting back in action, the Chinese team's frustration is only fueling its fire. This group of self-starters isn't out of the running by a long shot.

With their team members all over the world, the squad of sailors from the red dragon boat has been coordinating their schedules to prep for New York SailGP and work out exactly what went wrong on San Francisco Bay, both technically and mentally.

"On the technical side, we are getting to the bottom of our wing issues after we crashed," said helmsmen Phil Robertson. "The guys are going to be back in action as soon as the containers hit the ground in New York, so that's a positive, they are going to keep working to get everything back to how it was."

China SailGP Team's near capsize on San Francisco Bay.

Additionally, the team arrived into New York fresh from several days on the simulator in the UK, analyzing the data and looking at film to hone its foiling skills and bring their confidence levels back up.

"It's pretty tough actually. We've taken a bit of a beating. After the crash in San Francisco, I would say it shook everyone's confidence a little, and you could see it by the way people moved around the boat and how hard we were pushing it,” said Robertson. "The first day we got back in the boat we were very cautious, but after that, we started to sail again. We aren't shaken anymore, our issues have been fixed, and we will be pushing hard again for sure. It's not an easy thing coming last, but it's bloody motivating as well.”

One thing that's kept this global group together is their intense pursuit of success. No matter where they are in the world, the group keeps in touch through several apps and coordinates their workouts. Physical strength has been an area of bonding for the team, who work out together every day, even if they are geographically separated.

Robertson certainly isn't backing down:

"We're self-disciplined and self-motivated. To get your ass kicked at the last event is even more of a motivator!"

Will the Chinese team find their place on the podium in New York City? Tune into the broadcast or head down to the race village at Brookfield Place to see for yourself.

China SailGP Team training on the Hudson ahead of New York SailGP.