SailGP’s purpose-driven agenda has seen the global championship and its teams partner with companies which share our vision and drive for a better planet.

Sustainability is a key part of SailGP’s being as we race for a better future - believing sport has the power to change the world. It’s in our DNA as the ocean is our racecourse and we are powered by nature.

And clothing brand Musto – Official Partners of the France SailGP Team – support the same values.

This is why Musto’s FlexLite Vapour range is manufactured using both recycled materials and also aqua-based glue, which eliminates harmful volatile organic compounds found in traditional solvent-based lamination glue.

While aqua-based glue has been previously utilised in the surfing market, Musto made history by becoming the first sailing brand to use it.

The neoprene wetsuit constructed from recycled plastic bottles and recycled car tires included in the FlexLite Vapour range is perfect for keeping active sailors cool in hot conditions but still protected from the chill of cold water spray.

Musto’s smart and sustainable design provides protection for you, and protection for the environment.

Furthermore, it is not simply the final product which is being developed with the planet in mind – but the manufacturing process itself is sustainable.

The factory at which the neoprene is produced for the FlexLite Vapour range just so happens to utilise solar power during the manufacturing stage, as Musto commit to developing sustainable products in a sustainable manner.

Musto are an Official Partner of the France SailGP Team, which hosts its home event this weekend. The France Sail Grand Prix takes place in Saint-Tropez as the fifth event of SailGP Season 2, with the action kicking off in the Côte d'Azur at 13:30 CEST on Saturday.