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France SailGP Team announces the creation of its virtual team France eSailGP Team powered by MCES

16 APRIL 2021News
  • France
Introducing the France eSailGP Team powered by MCES

France is the first of the eight nations participating in the SailGP Championship to present an official team of players for Season 2 of the eSailGP Championship, which begins in Bermuda on April 17 and 18.

France SailGP Team is proud to be the first nation in the league to present an official team of eSport athletes for season 2 of the eSailGP championship. Open to all players since last year, the virtual version of the high performance championship in F50, will have this year an official national team in partnership with MCES, one of the first French professional eSport clubs.

At the beginning of this project, France SailGP Team wanted to create a virtual team, performing and ambitious in order to build an original and committed story with our team of French athletes. They quickly approached MCES in Marseille.

Thibault Laudren, head of the French SailGP Team operations: "We quickly identified MCES as the ideal structure and already operational on Virtual Regatta, the support game for eSailGP. MCES has values that we share: to make their players discover new sports, to develop bridges between the virtual and the physical and the will to reach a wider audience to democratize eSports. This is exactly what we wanted to do, to concretize a phygital partnership between our two parallel but connected universes with a common approach of the competition, professional, passionate and ambitious. The objective is to have, as on the water, the best "esailors" to represent France. ".

Sylvain Vachier, Marketing & Development Director MCES: "Since its creation, MCES has included sport as the basis of its project, in the company's mission. Our structure weaves strong links on a daily basis between the worlds of sports and esports. Today, we are happy to establish our position in the world of sailing and very honored to have been chosen by SailGP, a renowned competition, to guide the French team in the virtual. We will deploy all our energy and expertise to make the colors of France shine in eSailGP".

To represent the colors of France eSailGP Team, they are five to have already been selected. The team will be soon extended, especially with a female esport athlete, around Tim Carpentier, alias Pepito, the captain. All of them have already a solid record of achievements on Virtual Regatta but also in real competitions for some of them. With the common point of being all passionate about sailing, on the water as well as in virtual. A team of "esailors" who train daily, with players who know how to adapt and react very quickly, an essential quality in an inshore race which goes very fast.

TROG, manager of the French eSailGP Team powered by MCES : "To make my selection of players who will represent the French team of eSailGP, I tried to take a maximum of parameters into account so that we can honor this representation as much in the ingame results as in all other sides. For me the mindset is paramount and the rest is work in addition to the talent. "

If the SailGP races are played with five team members on the boat, the esport championship is played solo. This does not prevent the France eSailGP Team from training as a team in order to get the best of its performances and hope to place as many of its players as possible in the final phases of each stage of the circuit.

Together the French SailGP and eSailGP teams will develop a sporting, event and commercial partnership. Meetings between sailors and players will be regularly organized with discussion groups on specific topics: strategy, mental preparation, physical preparation, nutrition.

Thibault Laudren, head of the French SailGP Team operations: "The objective is to create discussions, sharing of experience between our sailors and our players, so that they can exchange on the way they approach the competition, the notions of tactics and strategy, the management of stress, but also to give the chance to the two teams to confront each other in virtual. The idea is to feed each other, and establish the foundations of a France eSailGP Team that could one day become professional. "

The two teams will also meet for friendly team confrontations mixing players and sailors with broadcast on the official MCES channel on Twitch.

This collaboration will also be an opportunity to develop content, competitions on social networks, and communication around experience sharing with the aim of developing the image of sailing and attracting young people to the sport. It will culminate in a real meeting between the two teams during the French Grand Prix in Saint-Tropez, which will be officially presented to the media with many shared events.

More information about the eSailGP championship here.

France eSailGP Team lineup:
Tim Carpentier / MCES PEPITO (Captain)
Alexandre Gouin / MCES SINJID
Tangi Legoff / MCES TANGI2232
William Schembre / MCES_WINDS98