France and Canada were the two teams able to capitalize on their good starting positions and speed in Cádiz, resulting the best fleet positions at Mark One.

Data provided from SailGP Insights shows that France had the best and most consistent starts of all nine teams across the two days of racing. The team was positioned an average of 20.9m from the start line and travelling at an average speed of 33.7 km/h at the gun.

This meant France took an average of just 2.3 seconds to cross the line after the gun - resulting in the highest average Mark One position in the fleet at 2.2.

Canada, which picked up a rocky 7-8-6 fleet racing record on the first day of racing, sealed the second day with two race wins, leaving the team just one point behind the United States and a place in the Final.

But the team’s exemplary second day performance meant they had an average starting speed of 37.14 km/h and was positioned an average 15.1m from the starting line. It took the team 1.35 seconds to cross the line, leaving them with an average mark one position of 3.

At the other end of the spectrum, Switzerland and Denmark had the lowest average rankings at Mark One - 6.3 and 6 respectively. Home favorites Spain meanwhile had the fastest starts of the fleet at 39.9 km/h, ahead of Great Britain’s 39.52 km/h and Australia’s 39.43 km/h.

Denmark, which struggled across the first day of racing and picked up a 9-7-8-4-3 fleet racing record, had the slowest starting speed of the fleet at 29.04 km/h.

The United States was consistently positioned closest to the start line - just 5 meters away, which meant it took the team just 0.45 seconds to cross the line after the gun.

Defending champions Australia meanwhile was consistently positioned the furthest from the line - 51.4m away, but it was New Zealand which took the longest to cross the line after the gun had sounded - an average of 4.8 seconds.

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