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Solid Performance By The British Team Sees Them Move Back into Third Position Overall

19 SEPTEMBER 2019News
  • Great Britain

Marseille, France - Friday September 20, 2019 – The Great Britain SailGP team delivered a solid day of racing today posting a 3rd, 2nd and 3rd with some smart, fast and consistent racing across the three fleet races to move back up into third place overall. Three more fleet races tomorrow and two on Sunday will see out this first SailGP season so plenty of action still to come.

“It was brilliant for the team to get 3 solid results today after missing out on 6 of the last 8 races”, commented Dylan Fletcher, Great Britain SailGP Team helmsman. “It was really important for us to have a solid day and move back into that podium position so we achieved our goal for the day. It was also good for us to really race against the Australians and Japanese team, and even though they both had better results than us today, it was really close action. Our starting was not up to scratch but the rest of the team’s racing performance was up to standard. Marseille put on some excellent conditions today. We could not have asked for better weather – bring on tomorrow.”

Fleet race one – started 1440
In time for the first race, the wind had built to 12-15+ knots and the sun was still shining in glorious Mediterranean conditions. Race one got underway at 1440 as planned for the three fleet races scheduled for today. The Brits had a good start along with Japan, with all 6 boats hitting the start line at 40+ knots. France led the race to the first turning mark. The British team sailed a solid race and took advantage of the shifty conditions to gain a 3rd position behind the Japanese and Australians. The USA team suffered a broken down line on their port board and had to retire from the race.

Results race one
1st – Japan
2nd – Australia
3rd – Great Britain
4th – France
5th – China
Retired – USA, damaged board downline

Fleet race two – started 1508
The wind had built again for race 2 to around 17 knots and more waves around the race course so conditions were getting trickier. The British team did not have a great start so had to work hard to get back in the action but they managed that in impressive style through forward planning and appearing to be in the right place for breeze and the wind shifts. The China team incurred a penalty enabling the British team to score a well deserved 2nd place in race two.

Results race two
1st – Australia
2nd – Great Britain
3rd – China
4th – Japan
5th – France
Did not start – USA

Fleet race three – started 1536
An so onto the final fleet race of the day where we saw Australia and Japan neck and neck on the start line. The British team started high and managed to round the first turning mark in 4th place. They managed to sail their own race and towards the end of the 5th leg managed to overtake Australia into 2nd place before settling for a sold 3rd place finish behind Japan and Australia.

Results race three
1st - Japan
2nd - Australia
3rd - Great Britain
4th - France
5th - China
6th - USA

Overall results after day one
Australia – 2, 1, 2
Japan – 1, 4, 1
Great Britain - 3, 2, 3
China – 5, 3, 5
France – 4, 5, 4
USA – rtd, dns, 6

Joe Glanfield, the British team coach, added his thoughts after racing, “Our primary goal for today was to overtake the USA team and move into 3rd place and I’m really pleased that we achieved that. We wanted to show that the skills we have demonstrated during the practice racing, we can turn into points counting races – the guys were clearly thinking ahead, adapting their modes of maneouverability, it was nice to see them racing so well and confidently. Day 2 looks like it will be windier so could be a different challenge but we just need to do more of the same – good planning ahead and solid results delivery.”

Tune in for 3 more fleet races tomorrow, action starts at 1440 hrs local time.