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SailGP Inspire hosts successful Careers program in Bermuda featuring boatbuilding, rigging and media opportunities

24 MAY 2021News

As well as hosting a successful first event of Season 2 in Bermuda, SailGP also provided career opportunities to a select group of locals as part of the Inspire program.

SailGP exists to make our sport better and use it as a platform for a better planet, and Inspire brings this to life by engaging with communities to break boundaries in sailing.

All three pillars of the Inspire program were in action in the build-up to the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess, with the Learning pathway comprising remote STEAM education sessions for local youths, and the Racing program offering talented sailors the opportunity to foil on the Great Sound.

Meanwhile, the Careers program was opened to 17 candidates who were provided opportunities to experience working at SailGP around one of our events. The selected participants were split into three groups, each of which was linked with one part of SailGP operations: Boatbuilding, Rigging and Photo and Video.

The five candidates in the boatbuilding program were tutored by SailGP boatbuilder Jared Spiller, who guided them via a webinar to construct beam end covers for the F50s; as this component frequently breaks it is always useful to have more of them!

Furthermore, the candidates also laid up carbon fiber components using recycled materials provided by Gen 2 Carbon Ltd.

The rigging program also included five candidates, each of whom was provided a splicing and rigging kit from Marlow Ropes. SailGP rigger Daniel Spratley led the candidates through a Splicing 101 session, during which they learned how to splice jib end loops for possible use on the F50s after being load tested by the SailGP tech team.

“The rigging webinar was an amazing experience," said Tre Maxwell. "The fact that we got to speak and work with one of the best riggers in the sailing field is something I could only dream of. He answered some questions about the boat that I have been looking everywhere for!

"We learnt how to make a continuous splice which is a technique used to make the jib end loops. He also showed us how to tidy our splice when we finished with it, a technique called tapering.

"Due to the COVID-19 circumstances in Bermuda we weren't able to meet in person but the webinars were set up in a way for us to all engage and learn from the SailGP professional. The skills we learnt can be transferred into all boats to make them manageable, tidy and stronger!”

The final pathway of Inspire Careers in Bermuda was the photo and video program, which was led virtually by SailGP photographer/videographer Beau Outteridge. Unfortunately, none of the candidates were able to get on-water during the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix due to COVID-19 restrictions, but they were nonetheless guided through a remote workshop on shooting film and photos for sailing, with Outteridge providing feedback after the candidates submitted imagery and videos they had created.

Christopher Raymond, who took part in the photo and video program, said: “I am truly grateful that we were given the opportunity to work with SailGP personnels. It was nice of SailGP to continue the program even though COVID limited the experience. I enjoyed my time taking photos at SailGP and I hope to work with them later in the future."

SailGP Inspire will again be running Learning, Racing and Careers programs at the next event of the season, in Taranto, Italy. Click HERE to learn more about the Inspire program.

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