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Italy Sail Grand Prix: Top five reasons to visit Puglia

27 MAY 2021News
  • Italy Sail Grand Prix

Taranto, the host city for the second event of SailGP Season 2, is located in the Puglia region in Italy. To celebrate the upcoming event, we take a look at the top five reasons to visit the heel of the Italian peninsula.

Photographer: Franco Cappellari

Ancient towns and plenty of history
Puglia has a storied past, being first colonized by Mycenaean Greeks, and there are numerous castles in the region – including the iconic Castel del Monte. Many of the towns and cities in the region are also brimming with history, including Alberobello with its famous trulli.

The City of Two Seas
Taranto, which hosts the second event of Season 2, is one of the key tourist destinations of Puglia. Based around two bodies of water, the Mar Piccolo and the Mar Grande, Taranto has come to be known as 'The City of Two Seas'. It's rather fitting that SailGP is heading to a city with such a rich maritime heritage.

Photographer: Carlos Solito

The longest coastline in Italy
It is not just Taranto that has a close connection with the sea, however, as the whole of Puglia boasts a maritime identity. In fact, the region contains the longest coastline in all of Italy, with more than 800km of coast along the heel of the boot. There are plenty of beaches, towns and cities to see along this lengthy stretch of land.

Photographer: Vanda Biffani

Pink flamingos
Given this incredibly long coastline, it is no surprise the sea and marine life play a vital role in Puglia’s identity – and taking a trip to the beach is always recommended. However, the region also contains a huge colony of pink flamingos – allegedly the largest such colony in the whole of Europe. They can be found at the Sentiero Airone Nature Reserve for the intrepid traveler.

The food
Food is an integral part of Puglia's identity, and the region is the birthplace of many delights such as burrata cheese and Pane di Altamura bread. Olive oil, tomatoes and mushrooms are other key local ingredients, and sagre food festivals are the perfect trip to experience Puglia's cuisine.

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