Keeping score: How to Win SailGP


SailGP scoring by the numbers

  • 5 global events with 6 national teams racing for glory
  • 5 fleet races at 4 events leading up to 1 final event in Marseille
  • 50 points on the table in each fleet race
  • 10 points go to the winner, 9 to second place, last place gets 5
  • 2 teams with the most points earned during fleet racing face off in a match race
  • The match race winner always wins the event. They get enough points to put them 1 point ahead on the leaderboard. The loser gets 0.
  • 8 fleet races at the season finale in Marseille.
  • Point values from the overall leaderboard plus the final 8 fleet races decides who goes to the ultimate match race in Marseille
  • The winner of the match race in Marseille wins the season, $1,000,000, fame and glory

With five global events, six patriotic teams on the race course, thousands of fans and a million dollars up for grabs, there is no telling how the inaugural season of SailGP will shake out. Here’s the lowdown on the numbers and how the scores all add up to an ultimate winner.

The first four events in SailGP Season 1 consist of two days of racing with three fleet races on the first day and two fleet races followed by a match race, featuring the two top scoring boats, on the second day. The result of the match race decides the winner of the event and who stands on top of the podium at the medal ceremony at the end of event. The format is consistent across all the events except the finale in Marseille.

There are 50 points on the table for each fleet race; first place earns ten, the last place gets five points. The two highest scoring fleet racers proceed to the final match race for each event. The match race winner wins the event overall, meaning there isn’t a set point value for a match race win. Instead, the winning team earns just enough points to put it one point ahead on the leaderboard, with one point awarded at a minimum. For example if the match race winner needs four points to be ranked at the top, it will be awarded four points, but if they are already leading in overall points they will only be awarded one. The loser of the match race gets zero.

All the points are scored on the overall series leaderboard, which sets the stage for racing at the final event of the season in Marseille, where the million-dollar prize will be won.

As the season finale, Marseille SailGP will consist of three days of racing, with eight scheduled races, where every point counts, and one final match race that pits the two overall leaders against each other. The crews with the most combined points from the first four events and the eight fleet races in Marseille face off for one million dollars. The last race at the definitive annual event decides who is crowned the overall season winner and that team leaves Marseille one million dollars richer.

With three events left in the season, it’s still anyone’s game. Download the app, pick a favorite team, and watch the action play out on the leaderboard. Who will it be? Stay tuned.