As it happened: New York SailGP Day 2

22 JUNE 2019News
Australia SailGP Team and Japan SailGP Team go head to head in the match race final.

Race 4

On the hunt for the top podium spot, the Japan SailGP Team didn’t let Australia come from behind in race four of New York City like they have before. Nathan Outteridge took an aggressive stance, putting the pedal down right off the start line and led into the first mark. The China and Australia SailGP Teams chased hard, and China was able to slip into first at the first leeward gate. As the teams worked their way upwind, Tom Slingsby spotted a gust of wind, and once again snatched the lead. Fast forward one leg of the race, where the two rivals made split decisions, going two different routes up the racecourse. Japan made the best call, managing to stretch out their lead, putting more and more distance between them and the rest of the fleet to take the win. The Japan SailGP Team was followed by the Australia, finishing 20 seconds behind. After managing to rebuild their boat overnight, Great Britian was back in it, taking the final podium position. United States crossed the line fourth, followed by China and France.

Race 5

From the start of race five, Rome Kirby was pushing their F50 with an aggressive start. The hometown team charged into the first mark taking the Japan SailGP Team by surprise. The race between the two leaders continued until the first windward gate when the Japan Team pulled into the lead. A battle then ensued between France and the United States, but ultimately the Americans were able to hold their position and chase down Japan once again. The lead changed again. Rome Kirby and his team once again take the top spot at the second windward gate. The race couldn’t have been closer on the downwind race to the final gate, so close, that the Japanese nearly collided with the stern of the U.S boat. An exciting win for the Americans on the last fleet race of day two, finish on their home turf in front of the large crowd cheering for their home country was a special moment for the United States SailGP team.

This is their first race win during SailGP Season one, a massive accomplishment for the group after their wing trimmer was injured just before racing on day one. With Japan and Australia taking the top two spots, the final podium place was filled by the United States, helped by their first ever race win. China took fourth, with France fifth and Great Britain sixth, after not being able to complete any races on the first day due to a capsize.

Race 6

The Japan SailGP Team finally got their revenge. After getting beat out from behind by the Australian SailGP Team at the two past events, they ultimately prevailed in the final match race on New York City’s Hudson River to take their first ever SailGP event championship win. It didn’t come without a fight. Both teams fought hard at the start but a close incident where the boats came within meters of each other saw the Australia Team penalized, allowing Japan to take an early lead. But it didn't stay that way for long and by Mark 2, Australia was back in front. From there it was a case of who could hunt out the best wind and keep their boat flying. Japan managed to get the upper hand, passing the Aussie's again, and didn't look back. Accelerating from 6 knots in the light air to 36 knots, putting 100 meters between themselves and their competition. Japan then extended their lead around the remainder of the course to run away with the race, with 300 meters of spread on the second to last leg, the championship was theirs.