Paul Cayard predicts San Francisco SailGP outcome

5 MAY 2019News

Paul Cayard knows San Francisco Bay like the back of this hand. He was born here and has been racing in the Bay’s waters ever since. By the time Cayard reached his teens, he had already made a name for himself. Since then he has circumnavigated the globe twice and been part of seven America’s Cup campaigns.

Cayard now serves as Chairman of the board at St. Francis Yacht Club and today witnessed SailGP on his doorstep.

“I think it’s fantastic to see the level of skill that these sailors all have,” Cayard said of Saturday’s racing. “I know enough about these boats to know it’s not easy to make them foil and keep the ride height consistent. For me, being a native San Franciscan and Chairman of the board at Saint Francis Yacht Club, a long-time believer in what a fantastic venue this is, it made me happy to see San Francisco put on such a great show.”

San Francisco is a natural amphitheater for sailing with excellent conditions to push the limits of the high tech F50s and their racers.

“Every single day it blows 20 knots in from the Golden Gate Bridge, parallel to the shore, so it’s easy for spectating. Strong winds make for exciting racing. There’s nothing but action on the boats,” said Cayard of his home waters.

The sailing legend has some predictions on how the leaderboard will shape-up, “The impressive team is the British, they have improved a lot, but we saw them go from first to fourth on that one race, so they aren’t quite consistent yet like Japan. I think it will be Japan versus Australian in the finals; that’s my prediction.”

Tomorrow will tell whether Cayard’s predictions play out.