SailGP 101

4 AUGUST 2019News

Welcome to SailGP: the most technologically advanced racing fleet on the planet, piloted by some of the top athletes in the sport, competing in some of the most iconic venues. SailGP is sailing redefined.

SailGP is an annual, global sports championship. The inaugural season features five events with teams representing six countries: Australia, China, France, Great Britain, Japan, and the United States. Each boat has a crew of five; the helmsmen steer the boat, while the flight controllers manage ride height and ensure the boat doesn’t touch down during maneuvers, wing trimmers that control the the 24m wing sail, and two grinders that keep up hydraulic pressure to power adjustments to the sails for optimum speed.

The SailGP fleet of F50 (foiling 50 footer / 15 meter) catamarans is the culmination of 10 years of work to create the most supercharged and technologically advanced one-design fleet in the world. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, boats of this caliber have never been raced in this format and at these speeds (capable of 50 knots / 100 kph / 60 mph).

Over 1,200 data points on the boats and athletes deliver real-time data, enabling the teams’ strategists to make key decisions on the water and the design team to continually evolve the boats off the water. In a first for high performance sport, the data is accessible to all the teams, which makes the racing closer than ever and means the teams continually improve event on event.

SaiGP offers a breathtaking live spectacle both for the fans at the event and broadcast viewers around the world, placing them at the heart of the action. In-shore, short format racing lends itself to action-packed racing in a way not seen before in the sport and through the innovative SailGP APP and revolutionary broadcast offer available in over 100 countries, SailGP is accessible to fans across all screens, all over the world.

Each of the five events is comprised of a series of races - fleet races, where every boat is on the race track at the same time, racing around a series of defined marks on the water, and then a final match race which pits the two top scoring fleet racers against each other for a nation versus nation match race. The winner of the match race wins the event.

The final event in the season is the grand final - which crowns the ultimate winner and decides who goes home with the $1 million prize. Again this is a series of fleet races where the results get totalled up and added to the season’s score from the previous four events. The top two teams then go head to head in a winner-takes-all match race for the overall trophy and prize purse. Find out more about the how the points work here.

SailGP’s inaugural event took place earlier this year in Sydney, February (15-16), the league then moved onto San Francisco in May (4-5), New York in June (21-22), and Cowes in August (10-11), before the Marseille final in September (20-22). The last team standing will go down in history as the inaugural SailGP champion.

While the boats are identical in design, the teams are anything but. SailGP combines fierce racing with a cast of unique characters that will leave any sports fan wanting more of the action. Pick a team, download the app, and start following, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.