SailGP is racing for a better future, as we believe sport has the power to change the world.

The ocean is our racecourse, but it also our future, as we champion a world powered by wind, sun and water.

And as we celebrate World Ocean Day, SailGP takes a look at how we are helping the lungs of our planet by being climate positive and contributing beyond our carbon emssions.

In partnership with One Carbon World, a global resource partner of the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative, SailGP contributes more carbon than its footprint - with 50,000 tons of CO2 already retired from the atmosphere.

This is equivalent to:

  • 10,874 cars driven for a whole year
  • 115,761 barrels of oil consumed
  • 6 billion smartphones charged

Three of SailGP’s primary activity areas – on-water, on-shore and in cities – have been identified to reduce the league’s carbon footprint through the use of clean energy solutions, and One Carbon World contribute any remaining carbon that cannot be eliminated.

Furthermore, SailGP has achieved a world first in sports, becoming the first sailing organisation to achieve the Carbon Neutral International Standard, while the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative has awarded SailGP gold in every step of its journey:

Measure - Gold // Reduce - Gold // Contribute - Gold

SailGP contributing carbon in partnership with One Carbon World is possible thanks to their commitment to supporting clean energies in developing countries.

One Carbon World supports United Nations wind and hydro projects, to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our dependency on fossil fuels by increasing the proportion of electricity that is generated from wind, water and other renewable energy resources.

And they only support projects which are both ecologically and socially effective, with clear sustainable development benefits, such as:

  • Boosting economic growth
  • Generating additional employment
  • Removing social disparities
  • Alleviating poverty
  • Promoting the conservation of the environment

SailGP is racing for a better future and championing a world Powered by Nature, and on World Ocean Day we praise our partners One Carbon World who assist us in caring and acting for a better planet.

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