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SailGP statement on equality

17 JUNE 2020News

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been listening, watching and reflecting. Recent and ongoing events have been incredibly tragic, and SailGP stands squarely behind efforts to combat social injustice and racism, which have no place in any society.

Though SailGP brings together athletes and staff from around the world representing various cultures and ethnicities, our sport severely lacks racial diversity.

This has been an issue from well before our inception as a global sports league last year, and we recognize that inaction and complacency are totally unacceptable and add to the problem.

We can and will do better. The time is now for meaningful and overdue action. We have formed a committee to prioritize this issue today and in the future, and will soon share steps we will take to accelerate change in and around our league, which we hope will propagate across our sport.

Black Lives Matter and we pledge to take a leadership role within the sailing community until our sport becomes truly inclusive and welcoming to all.