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U.S. SailGP Team Turns its Focus to San Francisco; Hungry After Sydney Shakeup

28 FEBRUARY 2020News
  • United States

Sydney, Feb. 29, 2020 – Despite a difficult final day at Sydney SailGP, the United States SailGP Team Helmsman Rome Kirby is ready to regroup and focus the team’s efforts toward the first of two U.S. SailGP events, San Francisco SailGP, in two month’s time.

Today’s more moderate conditions frustrated the American team, which prefers the heavier breeze the fleet sailed in yesterday, when the U.S. SailGP Team was knocking at the podium.

“Tough day today,” said Helmsman Rome Kirby. “We didn’t get off the line the way we wanted to today; the over-early penalty in the first race today cost us. But this is just the first event of the season and overall the guys are sailing well. We have a lot to look forward to as we head to San Francisco.”

Wasting no time, Kirby said the team is looking at simulator sessions so they can continue to refine boat handling maneuvers and technique ahead of San Francisco SailGP. Additionally, Kirby and several other athletes on the team will be competing in a series of Moth class events to continue building upon their off-season training.

The American team now looks forward to their home country event in San Francisco, next up on the SailGP Season 2 schedule, which is famous for its consistently windy conditions. “We love sailing in front of the American crowds and in the big breeze. I know San Francisco Bay well; it’s one of my favorite places to sail in the world,” said Kirby.

A pair of fifth place finishes during today’s fleet races cemented the American team’s overall fifth place finish, but Kirby is confident that with a few tweaks the team will be right back into the mix.

“Sometimes we’re learning we need to throttle back a bit. Today we washed the rudders out on a crucial leg and that cost us, but if we just can stick the gybes and clean up a few things, we’ll all be good.”

San Francisco SailGP is scheduled for May 2 – 3. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

SailGP Season 2 Overall Leaderboard

1 // Great Britain // 47 pts

2 // Australia // 42 pts

3 // Japan // 39 pts

4 // Spain // 31 pts *9 points deducted from total score

5 // United States 31 pts

6 // Denmark // 22 pts *2 points deducted from total score

7 // France // 14 pts