SailGP Inspire has partnered with Office of Sport, the lead New South Wales Government agency for sport and active recreation, in order to bring the science of sailing and the importance of physical activity closer to NSW youth.

SailGP's Inspire Learning program Boat Design Challenge aims to provide young people with the ultimate educational experience through a hands-on learning module bringing the innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects to life. Our goal is to engage young people in a dynamic, inspirational and exciting way.

The Task at Hand

This Boat Design Challenge is all about... design! Put yourself in the shoes of the SailGP design team, get your thinking cap on to create a new and innovative F50, made entirely out of recycled materials that can be found at home. Participants are encouraged to make a boat that is not only faster, but safer and more sustainable, adding an Australian theme to it as well!

Step 1 - Watch the video to gain an understanding of the challenge.

Step 2 - Review the worksheet and process the challenge.

Step 3 - Identify materials to use and begin building your version of the F50. Keep in mind that there is no bad design, be as creative as possible and think about making a design that is driven by renewable energy.

Once the challenge is complete - participants should submit a photo or video entry by scanning the QR code (which is featured on both the poster and video) - which will prompt you to fill out a Google form. You can also email or share images on your socials using #SAILGPINSPIRE and tag @SailGPAUS.

As part of the Inspire Learning Boat Building Challenge, competitors will also receive the ‘Train like a Sailor’ Training Program, a set of exercises that Australia SailGP Team sailors regularly perform to stay fit and healthy while travelling and competing on the world stage. These exercises are designed to be used anytime, anywhere, to provide the perfect wind-down opportunity after a mentally intensive challenge.