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Cádiz, located in the region of Andalusia in southwest Spain, will host the first-ever Spain Sail Grand Prix and will be the sixth stop of SailGP Season 2.

With the sponsorship of the Regional Ministry for Tourism of the Government of Andalucía and the support of the European Union Funding, Provincial Government of Cadiz and the Cadiz City Council and the support of the port authority of the Bay of Cádiz, the event will be integrated into the very heart of the city.

The event will take place over the weekend of October 9-10 and coincide with National Spanish Day on October 12, ensuring a weekend of celebrations for the city. The Spain Sail Grand Prix will also form part of the commemorative events calendar marking the first circumnavigation of the globe – an expedition that departed Andalusia in 1519 and arrived back in Sanlucar de Barrameda in 1522.

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