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The US Coastguard has recommended that the Bring Your Own Boat community position themselves on the East of the racecourse.


Please use the indicative map above to locate yourselves on the course. Should you have any questions please ask your nearest course marshal. Safety is at the forefront at SailGP, please ensure you review the on-water regulations below:

  • Review the daily racecourse map and exclusion zones outlined.
  • Please recognise the navigation channels where boats must not be stationary or anchored.
  • Weather forecast overview.
  • Follow local COVID-19 regulations.
  • Exclusion zone activated at 12:30pm and deactivated at 3:30pm.
  • Remain outside the orange boundary buoys at all times.
  • No drones over the racecourse and technical area are permitted.
  • Mariners are restricted to 6 knots around the racecourse.
  • Be wary – if you’re too close to an F50, stay still. F50s can manoeuvre around you.
  • Follow the race on VHF Channel 78 or download the SailGP APP or watch on Youtube/CBS Sports.
  • Respect marine life and reduce your impact on the environment.
  • SailGP will offset your boat’s carbon footprint today.


  • Follow live on the SailGP APP
  • Live on Youtube // 2pm
  • Live on CBS Sports
    • Day 1: Delayed // 3pm
    • Day 2: Live // 2pm
  • Live race commentary on VHF 78


The Mubadala United States Sail Grand Prix | San Francisco is expected to gather a large spectator fleet during the event. SailGP races for a better future, championing a world powered by nature. As the ocean is our race track, we are passionate about protecting it and highlighting some of the local marine life challenges faced in the home waters of San Francisco, such as Sea lions, harbor seals, elephant seals, gray whales, sea otters and eelgrass meadows. Please consider your own impact on the local environment and help protect the beautiful waters of San Francisco Bay.

  • SailGP working closely with the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito with dedicated observers from their team watching for whales and directly in contact with Event Control (as well as all boats on the water keeping watch).
  • A March event means lower risk of humpback whales but we are in the middle of grey whale season; our sailing time.
  • 1100-1700 time for whale spotters today and race days.
  • 1-3 grey whales in the bay currently resting - Watch for spout and low profile of body.
  • Low profile - underwater for 6-7 mins at a time - harder than humpback whales that are more visible.
  • East of angel island and over to treasure island is preferred location;
    • Humpback whales prefer Crissy Field and Golden Gate Bridge area; no sightings as yet this year.
    • Bottlenose dolphins / less common. Porpoises are possible.
    • Weekend low tides mean lower chance of encountering mammals.
    • Seals and sea lions also in area - harbor seals will exhibit a behavior known as "bottling" when they sit quietly head up wavering.

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