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SailGP, the world’s most exciting racing on water, comes to Lyttelton, Christchurch for the first time.


Please use the indicative map above to locate yourselves on the course. Should you have any questions please ask your nearest course marshal.

There is strictly no anchoring permitted in the black and grey zones on the map.

The no anchoring zone is in place to protect the underwater infrastructure (pipes and cables) that run between Naval Point and Pooh Corner.

Safety is at the forefront at SailGP, please ensure you review the on-water regulations below.

  • Review the daily race course map.
  • BYOBP flagged boats exclusion zone activated at 13:30 NZDT.
  • Please exit the inner harbour before the exclusion zone becomes active, otherwise you will not be permitted to leave the harbour as the F50s will be active on the course.
  • No stopping in the transit lane across the entrance of Diamond Harbour.
  • It is in place to ensure that emergency services are able to move freely if required.
  • Strictly no anchoring permitted in the black and grey zones on the above racecourse map.
  • No drones over the race course and technical area.
  • Mariners are restricted to 5 knots around the racecourse.
  • Safe watching – if too close to an F50, stay still. F50s can manoeuvre around you.
  • There is no access to the SailGP dock or beaching with tenders within the Race Village.
  • Follow live race commentary on VHF77.
  • Please turn squelch all the way down to improve sound quality of the VHF commentary.
  • Respect marine life and reduce your impact on the environment.
    SailGP will offset your boat's carbon footprint today.

Following racing, the exclusion zone will remain in effect and enforced by authorities. All vessels must maintain the 5 knot speed limit until advised via VHF radio channels 12, 16 and 77 and must not enter the exclusion zone boundary even when racing is complete.

Vessels returning to the inner harbour shall only do so at a maximum of 5 knots and should approach from the north eastern side. Boaters shall follow directions authorities and course marshals under the Harbourmaster’s reservation xxxx with a 5 knot speed limit applies for 60minutes after the exclusion zone is opened.


On race days, only power-driven vessels may use the transit lanes or restricted areas. No sails may be hoisted while in transit lanes or restricted areas. Vessels must maintain a proper speed of 5 knots during transit and must not stop, turn around or anchor within a transit lane.
Once the racecourse is designated and marked, only competing yachts, vessels used by the race committee, support vehicles, marshals, emergency vessels, Lyttelton Port Company and vessels accredited by the event organiser and Harbourmaster’s Office may navigate within the marked perimeter until the Harbourmaster’s Office, or delegate, has announced on VHF16 that the day’s races have been concluded.

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  • SailGP APP.
  • Sky Sports and THREE Live Broadcast from 15:00 NZDT.
  • Live race commentary on VHF77.


Season 3 // New Zealand Sail Grand Prix // CHC RM BYOB OnWaterCommsEmail Sunday WeatherTable


  • Sunny day with a maximum temperature of 23°C.
  • An easing offshore W-NW morning breeze – variable midday ahead an NE breeze building in the afternoon. Max breeze 6-9pm; more left to start, then right once building.
  • No significant wind gusts >20 kts and waves less than 1m.
  • High pressure both sides of NZ and lee trough on the east coast of South Island.
  • The ENE breeze has kept going in the Harbour and along the coast for much of the night – slow to ease back after 3-4am this morning.
  • The soft offshore drainage breeze is now across Christchurch from just before daybreak – not strong and not too deep and will be eroded by the NE sea breeze that will develop along the coast from late morning/midday.
  • The NE-ENE breeze is as much gradient breeze as sea breeze and will push inland quickly once mixing occurs – not a strong breeze with max wind in the evening, then will ease back tonight.


SailGP is deeply committed to protecting the environments in which it operates and has rigorous marine mammal protection protocols in place for every city it visits, including Ōtautahi, Christchurch. Our programme in Christchurch centres around the protection of Upokohue/Hector’s dolphin and includes a team of observers, conservation experts and monitoring technologies across site to deliver this industry-leading plan.

SailGP is also asking for all of its boating visitors to stay vigilant and report any sightings of marine life in the event area via the Sea Spotter App (download) or to your local course marshall boat.

In the event of mammal sightings around the event, SailGP asks that boaters stick to the following Department of Conservation guidelines. To learn more about the Hector's Dolphin and their current conservation efforts and status, please take time to visit the Hector's Dolphin page on the Department of Conservation's website.