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*Please note with the variable forecast, these courses are very indicative and the actual conditions on the water may require completely different courses and flagged boat viewing areas.

SailGP, the world’s most exciting racing on water, comes to Singapore for the first event of 2023.


Please use the indicative map above to locate yourselves on the course. Should you have any questions please ask your nearest course marshal.

Please note: SailGP is required under the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 to provide the name of the vessel for all vessels attending or involved in the SailGP event (including but not limited to Bring Your Own Boat ticket holders, charter boats, and Adrenaline Yacht Flag holders) to Singapore Maritime Crisis Center for matters of national maritime security.

Safety is at the forefront at SailGP, please ensure you review the on-water regulations below.

  • Review the daily race course map.
  • BYOB flagged boats shall be in position by 13:00 SGT behind the blue MarkSetBots.
  • Exclusion zone activated at 12:30 SGT.
  • No drones over the race course and technical area.
  • Mariners are restricted to 5 knots around the racecourse.
  • Safe watching – if too close to an F50, stay still. F50s can manoeuvre around you.
  • Anchoring within the Exclusion Zone (in designated area by Course Marshalls) is permitted only whilst the Exclusion Zone is active.
  • There is no access to the SailGP dock or beaching with tenders within the Race Village.
  • Follow live race commentary on VHF71.
  • Respect marine life and reduce your impact on the environment. SailGP will offset your boat's carbon footprint today.


Flags can be collected Saturday and Sunday at reception in the declared marina where the vessel is berthed. There will be only four marinas where flags will be located, as follows:

  • RSYC
  • One Degree 15
  • Changi Sailing Club
  • Keppel Bay Marina (flags will be at Marina Office)

If you have not declared the Marina your vessel is berthed, please email with details. If your vessel is berthed in a private berth in Sentosa, the flag can be collected at One Degree 15.

If your vessel is not berthed at any of these locations, please email us at to declare a marina to collect your flag. Alternatively, please email us if you cannot collect your flag.


To view the full ticket offering for the Singapore Sail Grand Prix, please find details on our website.


  • SailGP APP
  • beIN Sports and SPOTV Live Broadcast from 14:00 SGT.
  • Live on Youtube and Facebok from 14:00 SGT.
  • Live race commentary on VHF71.
Singapore Sail Grand Prix // Season 3 // Event Page // Bring Your Own Boat Information - Race Schedule Asset


Singapore Sail Grand Prix // Season 3 // Event Page // Bring Your Own Boat Information - Weather Table Asset


  • Mostly to partly sunny with widely scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, may start as early as noontime.
  • Likely S to SE sea breezes, and also the possibility of winds veering again through the NE and E to get to the SE to S.
  • Possibility of inversion with shallow mixing, allowing winds to be lighter and more variable through mid afternoon.
  • Expect more widely scattered showers and thunderstorms around this afternoon.
  • Wind speeds today may reach the upper single digits with an outside chance of 10-12 knots for a time.
  • Late in the day expect a veering trend again through the W into the NW in the evening.
  • Confidence is below average.