Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the racing take place?
The Mubadala SailGP Season 3 Grand Final | San Francisco race course is on San Francisco Bay directly adjacent to Marina Green, extending several miles between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

Are you able to see the race boats from the SailGP Stadium?
Yes! The start/finish line is very close to the grandstands and much of the racing will take place close to the seawall. On race day, the F50’s will often conduct “flybys” of the crowd to give spectators the chance to see the boats up close.

Auto racing has race tracks, how can you tell who is winning a SailGP race?
The SailGP Stadium is equipped with large screens carrying the broadcast feed so you can easily switch from live viewing to see what the broadcast audience sees with race course boundaries superimposed. Additionally, we have in-person race commentary during racing. Fans can also download the SailGP APP to see live data and video, track performance, compare athletes, change viewing angles, zoom in on the action, watch replays and more.

Bag search
All attendees will be subject to a bag search. This is a condition of entry and will be carried out by our security team.

Are there any forbidden items?
Yes - you are not permitted to bring in glass, cans, BBQs, weapons, illegal substances, fireworks, flares, speakers etc into the event site. This is not an exhaustive list and any permissible items are at the discretion of our Security Manager based on our licensing conditions.

How can I buy a ticket for SailGP?
Tickets can be purchased online here.

Are children permitted?
Yes, children under 5 years of age are free of charge in our Waterfront Grandstand section and do not require a ticket, however must sit on the lap of an adult

How do I get my ticket and what happens if I can’t find my confirmation?
Tickets will be emailed to you at the time of purchase. Tickets will be scanned at the gates for fast entry - either on your mobile device or printed. If you can’t find your ticket, please contact

Can I get a refund?
Please read the Refund Policy on our website.

When is the event?
The event is on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th May 2023. The SailGP Stadium for Waterfront Reserved (Grandstand) tickets will open 13:30 - 17:00, and the racing is approximately between 14:00 - 15:30.

Where in the United States is the event?
The SailGP Stadium is located in San Francisco Bay, at Yacht Club Peninsula.
The Technical Base is located at San Francisco Pier 80.

Can I fly my own drone / UAV?
There is an Air Exclusion Zone in place during the event week and race days. Drones are not permitted at any time during the event.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs, aside from assistance dogs, are not permitted within ticketed areas.

Can I bring a Camera?
Yes, however long lenses are not permitted within the SailGP Stadium.

What is in the SailGP Stadium?
A selection of food & beverages, commentary and large screens, sponsor activations, toilets and much more.

Does the SailGP Stadium have age restrictions?
All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No tickets are required if a child is under the age of 5.

Wheelchair access is available for race viewing.

Will this event take place rain or shine?
Yes - the event is scheduled to take place rain or shine. In the event of adverse weather conditions please check the website for updates.

Info for Boat Owners - FAQs

Where is the race?
All courses will be situated in San Francisco Bay. The actual orientation of the course is decided on the day, as this allows us to select the best course for weather conditions.

An exclusion zone will be created, within which the racecourse will be defined. BYOB ticket holders will have the right to enter the exclusion zone.

See picture below to help illustrate the EZ and course set up.

SailGP Season 3 Grand Final | San Francisco | Season 3 | Ticketing Map

Can I watch the race from my own boat?
Absolutely. Tickets for the Bring Your Own Boat program can be purchased via this link. This allows us to share the correct information and latest course route information with you.

What time should I be in position?
Boaters must be in position one hour before racing.

What does the exclusion zone look like and when is it active?
The exclusion zone is identifiable by large visible orange buoys at regular intervals. Only flagged vessels may enter the exclusion zone.

The exclusion zone will be active between 13:00 - 17:00 on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

How do I enter the Exclusion Zone?
You must fly a SailGP flag from your vessel at all times. Racecourse marshals will be operating from RIBs, managing the Exclusion Zone, looking for the flag, boat name and license number. The RIBs will be identifiable by large orange flags stating CM (Course Marshal). Please follow their instructions.
What are the rules on water?__
Standard Maritime Law and Regulations will apply at all times.

Is there a dedicated VHF channel?
Yes, we will declare a channel to provide instructional information to the spectator fleet. Vessels should always monitor (channel to be provided later). This channel will also broadcast live commentary during racing.

Can I fly my own drone / UAV?
Drones are not permitted at any time during the event. This includes both on land and over water.

Some key safety reminders:

  • Emergency assistance. Standard emergency procedures and methods apply.
  • Know your plan - Preparation is key. Ensure you have prepped and checked your vessel, equipment and any other gear. Make sure you know the local conditions and rules where you're going.
  • Lifejacket - Wear one of the right size and type at all times. Each person on board must have one.
  • Communication - have at least two ways of communication that you’re comfortable and able to communicate effectively and quickly with.
  • Marine weather forecast. The marine weather forecast is different from land weather forecasts. The weather will be different on the water and can change suddenly.
  • Keep an active lookout. We’re expecting a large number of vessels and spectator craft, meaning likely congestion on race days. Be a responsible skipper, keep your distance and don’t get too close to other boats.
  • Know your wake. Your vessel may handle big waves and wake, but other vessels may not. Be a responsible skipper, keep your distance and don’t get too close to other boats.
  • Monitor SailGP’s BYOB VHF channel for updates.