Thanks for buying a ticket for the Bring Your Own Boat (BYOB) program at the Mubadala New York Sail Grand Prix. You'll find everything you need to know in this email. Please pay particular attention to the information regarding the BYOB Digital Briefing.

Your BYOB Ticket includes:

  • Access to the perfect on-water position less than 50m away from the action on the race course perimeter.
  • Souvenir flag for access to the dedicated area. Boats without a flag will be held outside the exclusion zone at least 200m behind the boats bearing flags.
  • Exclusive access on both days of racing.
  • Live race commentary on VHF.
  • We’ll offset your carbon footprint for each race day.

BYOB Digital Briefing
All BYOB flag holders must watch the following BYOB Digital Briefing, and read the supporting presentation slides.

BYOB Digital Briefing Recording
BYOB Digital Briefing Presentation

There will be a specific flag collection code issued during the digital briefing, that must be presented upon collection of your BYOB flag. If you can’t attend the briefing, there will be a digital recording available and circulated to the group via email.

How do I collect my flag?
Flags will be available for collection at Liberty Landing Marina Dockmasters office, 80 Audrey Zapp DR, Jersey City, NJ 07305. A link to the location can be found here. Flags can be collected between:

  • Wednesday 19th June, 8am - 4pm
  • Thursday 20th June, 8am - 4pm
  • Friday 21st June, 8am - 4pm
  • Saturday 22nd June, 8am - 2pm

When collecting your flag, please provide an image of your ticket purchase and ensure you have the collection code from the digital briefing. If you are unable to collect your flag, please email

Join the BYOB WhatsApp group for important daily updates over the race weekend

New York Season 4 BYOB WhatsApp QR Code


Where is the Race / Exclusion Zone?
Please refer to the map below for the Mubadala New York Sail Grand Prix racecourse area and exclusion zone:

Fun Ideas to enhance the atmosphere afloat:

  • Sound a horn if the USA team win a race!
  • Get your favorite team bunting or national flags displayed and flown on-board your boat!
  • Get your team mascot on display and let’s see if we can capture you on camera.
  • Make sure you download the SailGP app or tune in to the local broadcaster to get the live commentary on-board.
New York Season 4 BYOB Exclusion Zone Map

What does the exclusion zone look like and when is it active?
The Exclusion Zone will be created daily, identifiable by large visible triangular orange buoys at regular intervals. Only vessels with authorized flags purchased from or issued by SailGP may enter the exclusion zone.

The Exclusion Zone will be in place during the following times:

Race Day 1 // Saturday 22nd June
3:30pm-6:30pm EDT

  • Official SailGP BYOB Flag holders will have the right to enter the Exclusion Zone.
  • All other non-authorised vessels will be required to stay outside of the zone.

Race Day 2 // Sunday 23rd June
3:30pm-6:30pm EDT

  • Official SailGP BYOB Flag holders will have the right to enter the Exclusion Zone.
  • All other non-authorised vessels will be required to stay outside of the zone.
    Official racing will take place between 4:30pm - 6.00pm on both days.

How do I enter the Exclusion Zone?
You must fly a SailGP flag from your vessel at all times. Course marshals will be operating from support vessels to manage the Exclusion Zone and will be identifiable by large orange flags stating CM (Course Marshal). Please follow all Course Marshal instructions.

Racecourse Setup
The race course layout will be decided daily by Race Management, which decides the course orientation according to the weather conditions. BYOB flag holders will be informed of the predicted race course setup and told where to position their vessel via WhatsApp each day during the morning. Please note, the race course orientation is subject to change.

Where do I go in the Exclusion Zone?
Daily updates from Race Management will provide final details of where to position your vessel in the Exclusion Zone. Course Marshals will guide and assist upon your arrival into the Exclusion Zone. The map above provides an example of the BYOB zone.

What time should I be in position and shall I anchor?
We request boaters to be in position approximately one hour before racing (3:30pm).

Can I anchor to watch the racing?
Yes, you can drop anchor when in position, if conditions allow. However, if there are a large number of boats, it’s preferable to maintain your position on standby, motoring.

Can I get close to the F50 with my boat?
It is forbidden to approach the F50s when they are sailing. These boats have limited maneuverability and visibility, and will be escorted by a Course Marshal and official RIB to maintain distance at all times.

What should I do if an F50 is approaching my boat?
If you see an F50 deliberately sail towards you when you’re stopped or at low speed, maintain your boat position and direction and allow the F50 to maneuver around you. Do not operate sudden changes in speed or direction. If you’re sailing, reduce your speed and slowly head away from their course.

What are the rules on water?
Standard Maritime Regulations apply at all times.

Can I fly my own drone / UAV?
Drones are strictly prohibited at any time during the event. This includes both over land and water.

Some key safety reminders:

  • Know your plan - preparation is key. Ensure you have prepped and checked your vessel, equipment and any other gear.
  • Lifejacket - Wear one of the right size and type at all times. Each person on board must have one.
  • Communication - have at least two ways of quick and efficient communication.
  • The marine weather forecast is different from land weather forecasts. Be aware that the weather will be different on the water and can change suddenly.
  • Keep an active lookout. We’re expecting a large number of vessels and spectator craft, meaning congestion is likely on race days. Be a responsible skipper, keep your distance and don’t get too close to other boats.
  • Know your wake. Your vessel may handle big waves and wake, but other vessels may not.