Crafting World-Class Racing Yachts: A Look Inside SailGP Technologies' Build Facility

The build facilities' rich history in the Americas Cup and more recently building high-performance F50 boats for SailGP, has garnered the attention of yacht owners worldwide. The SailGP Technologies team has the expertise to collaborate with both global entities and private clients to deliver exceptional, championship-winning race yachts.

Since the facilities 2001 establishment in Warkworth by Larry Alison for his America Cup team, and now SailGP’s racing league, the team has built two AC72s, twenty-three AC45s, retro fit and built five AC50s, manufactured a range of components for Artemis Racing’s AC50, modified five AC50s into F50s, built six F50s and have constructed 3 privately owned 52 yachts and are currently in the process of building their fourth.

Nathan Kerry, Project Manager at SailGP Technologies reveals that the latest new build is a high performance IRC52 racing yacht. The IRC52 complies with the International Rating Certificate (IRC) rule, which takes into account various factors such as boat length, weight, and sail area to determine a boat's handicap rating for a particular race. This will be the second IRC52 constructed at the facility after the success of the IRC52 CARO, which is owned and driven by Max Klink. CARO achieved numerous victories, including winning Division 1 in the 2022 Hamilton Island Race Week and being the first 52 over the line at the 2022 Rolex Sydney Hobart.

Most of the 52 builds at SailGP Technologies are either an IRC52 or a TP52, both similar in size but differ in key design and rule-specific aspects. The TP52 is specifically designed to race under the Transpac 52 rule, which imposes strict limits on boat dimensions and sail area to ensure fairness among competitors.

Previous build TP52 SLED is owned and driven by Takashi Okura. SLED achieved remarkable success as the overall winner of the 2021 52 Super Series Season Championship and the 2021 Rolex TP52 World Championship.

As a result, TP52 yacht racing tends to attract more sports teams due to its strictly enforced regulations, making it a more appealing option for serious competitors. On the other hand, IRC52 racing is more popular among private owners, who have greater flexibility to modify their boats according to their specific sailing style.

The boat building facility has been consistently investing in machinery, equipment, and skill. Nathan explains that the team specializes in building elite racing yachts working with clients globally to achieve the high performance, high quality builds required to succeed in this industry.

If you're seeking to build your next elite race yacht to the highest standard, do not hesitate to contact the team at SailGP Technologies.

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