Our designers have worked to deliver high-performance design solutions for over two decades. Refining high-tech composite and fluid engineering to solve complex problems, deliver innovative design solutions and improve performance.

Every design decision is a balance between competing needs. Our global design team is built on extensive knowledge and innovation from decades of elite-level, high-performance racing competitions, including the award-winning F50, used in SailGP.

We deliver a complete design solution from concept to final drawings. And pride ourselves on meeting clients’ key objectives. Through advanced modelling and simulations, designs can be tested and optimised before implementation in our manufacturing sector. Our hydrodynamic, structural and mechanical engineers use analysis to verify every aspect of the design process while minimising timelines and budgets. Our design includes end to end lifecycle of the product and leading the way in environmental impact through material selection, efficiency and technological advancement.


  • Aero + Hydrodynamics: We can accurately solve complex problems to improve performance or efficiency through computer modelling using CFD, FSI, and our simulation packages.
  • Mechanical + Structural Engineering: We offer a range of outputs consisting of finite element analysis, 3D modelling and calculation based structures.
  • Modelling + Simulation: Real-time simulation of moving structures encapsulating real-time loadings, drag and lift properties in static and cavitation scenarios.
  • Testing: Full complement of non-destructive testing solutions, including ultrasound, load and sonic testing, and 3D scanning.