LiveLineFX is SailGP’s Emmy Award-winning patented in-house broadcast graphics package which powers the storytelling of elite-level sail racing.

In an environment where traditional racecourse markers are not visible to viewers, LiveLineFX enhances any sports broadcast or CCTV product by providing key storytelling graphical elements, enabling the sport to be understood and accessible to all fans regardless of technical knowledge.


  • Complete Augmented reality
  • 2D or 3D Advertising
  • Comprehensive graphical overlay options from boundaries, data, sponsorship and visible ladder lines show real-time positions
  • Weather conditions, wind, rain and water current are displayed on the event broadcast
  • Exclusion zones and out of bounds penalty areas
  • Course animation
  • Start and finish lines
  • Optimal start position or racing lines
  • Airflow turbulence (from one object to another)
  • Minicourse
  • Comprehensive data boxes from live data points from the object
  • Event results management
  • Live predicted results
  • Results for graphics during and after race
  • Advanced derived stats